The Dry Cleaners

There are about 4 dry cleaners on our street. One of them, called Iran Clean (we live on the corner of Iran and Zahraa streets), usually gets our business. Every couple of months Iran Clean hires a new delivery boy, usually between the ages of 10 and 14. The kid working there now, who for the past few days has been wearing a blue Incredible Hulk hoodie, is very nice. He just brought my dry cleaning over, 2 shirts, which cost 7 Egyptian pounds ($1.27). I am not sure if I am paying khawaga (gringo) prices, but either way that is still pretty cheap. I had a ten dollar bill and gave it to him, and he said “I’ll go get you change and come back.” I told him to keep it. He was speechless. $0.54. I am a saint, I know.

One Response to The Dry Cleaners

  1. Khawaga says:

    Ya Ibn Yaaqub,

    You should read this:

    It was a comment posted on the blog Arabic Media Shack. Since you said you were writing that article, I would like to year your take.

    This has nothing to do with dry cleaners.

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