Teaching English is Not What you May Have Thought

It’s quite hard, actually. I am always complaining that Arabic is impossible because it is filled to the brim with idiomatic expressions. Well, English has quite a few as well, and on top of that, nothing is spelled the way it sounds.

My roommate is out of town and he asked me to fill in this week with his student, the Somali learning English who I have previously mentioned. I had a really great time and I found the work challenging and rewarding. It was nice to feel like I was teaching and helping someone, especially in regards to something like English which is such an essential skill these days.

I understand now why teachers have to actually get trained for this stuff. Trying to explain a word like “situation” is difficult.  And no, one cannot actually “read someone’s mind” like one reads a book. And yes, read, read, and red all look and sound the same but mean something different. And “-tion” sounds like “shon” and “loud” is spelled “loud,” not “lawd,” but yes that is what it sounds like.

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