“Egypt Teacher Tried Over Beating”

Something which has made it into the mainstrean news lately is this story about an Egyptian teacher who beat his student to death for not doing his homework.

I don’t think this issue needs really in depth analysis (when have I given any, anyway?), but education as a whole remains a huge problem in Egypt. From lack of funding, students’ apathy, poor materials, widespread cheating, focus on final exams as opposed to the actual learning of material,  and this,  unqualified teachers and inappropriate methods of teaching. As the article points out, it is hard to find teachers  as the work is hard and the pay is next to nothing. So you get people who really should not be dealing with kids on a daily basis, and things like this happen.

I also want to point out that hitting children is something that I have seen more than once since I have been in Egypt. While a friend was helping a 10 year old who lives on our street with his homework, he stood slapping the kid in the face when he wasn’t getting the problem right. The kid did not seem happen but certaintly accepted it, so maybe an interesting question would be was the teacher really in the wrong for hitting the student in the first place? Or did he just go way, way overboard in doing it.

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