My roommate’s English student, whom I have mentioned before, came over for tea the other night after their lesson. I was actually a bit sick from what I think was some bad Nile fish, but we were hanging out and we got to talking about Mohammed’s education at Al-Azhar, where he takes classes. We asked if he is taking a Quran class and he said that he is not because it would be too easy for him. I asked why and he said that he has actually memorized the whole Quran so of course such as class would be boring for him. Many religious Muslims do this and they start at a young age; Mohammed is 17. He and I are friends and I thought it would be ok if I gave him a little “quiz,” mostly because I had never really seen this type of learning in action. I asked him if it wouldn’t mind reciting a bit for us and he said he would be happy to do so. I picked a sura (a chapter) of the Quran which we had been talking about in class the other day and which was neither the beginning nor the end of the Quran (because I thought that might be easier to remember) and asked him if he would recite it. He simply said, “sure.” He preceded to recite the whole thing. It was pretty amazing. That is some serious religious devotion, and I really respect him for it.

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