Egyptian Media Woes

Here’s a really interesting post from The Arabist about growing political and economic problems within the Egyptian media scene, having to do especially with the government’s Al-Ahram publication and some of its dissenters, including well-known progressive writer Salama Ahmed Salama and Dar Al-Shurouk’s new popular newspaper Al-Shurouk. Read more about Al-Shurouk (from Al-Ahram) here.

Thanks to Rob at Arab Media Shack for originally posting the story.

2 Responses to Egyptian Media Woes

  1. Rob says:

    well, i didnt originally post it. thats not quite accurate. my post came after the arabists post on the topic. mregypt was gonna post in a few weeks ago but he never followed through.

  2. ibnyaaqub says:

    Fair enough, but you posted the Arabist’s post about it, and I saw it on your blog.

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