Problems with Nahw? I Think Not

So Islam, one of the cute 10 year old kids who lives on my street, has taken lately to quizzing me on Arabic grammar (nahw), which in all honestly I actually suck at. He comes up to me and says a sentence and asks me to put the case endings (i’arab) on it. Modern Standard and Classical Arabic, because Arabic is such an easy language to learn, have case endings at the end of words depending on what role the word is playing in the sentence. For example, if you are talking about a boy (weled) and the boy is the subject of the sentence, one would put the case ending damma (in the position of marfuah) on the end of the word, turning it into “weledun.” If the boy is object of the sentence, it becomes “weledan.” Now no one actually speaks this way and in fact, no ones speaks in Modern Standard Arabic, but it is important to know for reading, writing, etc.

So Islam gives me the setence “the boy is playing in the garden.” Which with the case endings should read “yelabu al-weledu fil hadiqati” (marfuah, marfuah, and then because of the preposition, majrur). Which is what I said, which was correct. But he told me that “garden” should be marfuah! Pfff. WRONG. Who should be quizzing who now? 10 year olds…

One Response to Problems with Nahw? I Think Not

  1. Amira says:

    Really funny.

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